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Forget about painting, wallpapering, and pasting.

In just a few hours, we will print a wall straight from your dreams.

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What is wall  printing?

An innovative method

- Say goodbye to generic wallpapers and ordinary stickers. Turn your wall into a work of art.

Imaginative technique

- With wall printing, you can transfer your ideas onto the wall. The only limit is your imagination.

Traditional yet modern

- It's a technology that involves applying and curing prints on any surface.

Image by Ashkan Forouzani

Who is wall printing for?

We operate on different planes. Our imagination is the only limit.

Vibrant personalities -
Printing can breathe life into your interior and reveal your true "self". Let your walls speak for you.

For creative individuals -
Printing is done 100% according to your preferences. We will transfer onto the wall anything you can imagine.

For business owners - 
Wall printing can instantly differentiate your establishment from others and give it a completely new life.

For stationary businesses - 
Distinguish your company in the eyes of the customer through creative wall printing. This way, they will remember you for a long time.

For designer souls - 
Personalized wall printing accentuates the style of your space and seamlessly blends in with the environment.

For hotels and restaurants - 
Present the philosophy of your company through printing that will be noticed by every guest and customer.

Image by Greg Rosenke

About Me

Hey there, welcome to my new venture! I'd like to share with you some exciting news about the latest interior decoration trend that has been gaining immense popularity in Europe since 2020 and is set to become one of the hottest trends in Ireland as well.


It all started with my brother-in-law, who is a professional wall decorator. His passion and skills flourished in Germany, where he underwent intensive training in the application of wall printers. From the very beginning, I have been supporting him in this venture, but now it's time for me to spread my wings.


I have been a resident of Ireland since 2005, and I truly consider it my home. I have assisted my brother-in-law in setting up his business, regularly traveling to Poland to lend a hand and acquire knowledge and practical experience. However, with the valuable experience I have gained, I have decided to utilize my skills and establish my own company here in Ireland.


Since embarking on this journey, technology has advanced, and I have kept pace with it. Currently, I possess a top-of-the-line printer that ensures exceptional print quality. I have chosen a printer equipped with Japanese Epson nozzles, which are renowned for their use in the best printers on the market. It also features two print heads (CMYK + W), resulting in astonishing outcomes. The resolution of my printer is not the standard 1440x2880, but an impressive 2880x5760. This allows me to capture the beauty of every detail in the decorations I print. The quality of my product is of the highest standard.


I would like to offer you a premium wall decoration service. With my experience, passion, and advanced printing technology, I can create unique and highly detailed decorations that will transform your interiors.


I am thrilled to share this passion with you and eagerly await your questions and orders. Printing on walls is more than just decoration—it's about crafting a distinctive atmosphere in your homes and spaces. Feel free to get in touch, and let's explore the possibilities that this new technology offers together!

Printing Machine Ink

Unique method.
What sets wall printing apart?
One of the most original methods to adorn your walls.


Maximum personalization

You can print absolutely anything - photos, drawings, quotes, or artwork.  There are no limits.

Any surface

You can decorate every space in your own way. Whether it's a plain wall, wood, concrete, or glass, it doesn't matter.

Quick execution

Printing one wall will take us a few hours.

No paints, brushes, glues, or drills. Just a printer.

Designer's originality

Wall printing is a revolutionary method that captures the attention of both novices and professional designers.

Stain resistance

Wall splashed with water? Children's fingerprints? No problem. Just wipe it off and enjoy the original shine.

Durability of use

Forget about frequent renovations. One print can withstand even several years. Peace of mind guaranteed.

Contact Us

Let's create the wall of your dreams together.

We want to assist you at every stage of our collaboration, which is why shortly after submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation message from us regarding your inquiry. We will respond to you as fast as we can and address any inquiries you may have..  


We will respond to you within 6 hours and address any inquiries you may have.

+353 83 484 94 61

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