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Process Overview

Wall Print Ireland
Wall Print Ireland

How does the process look like ?

The terms of cooperation are transparent.
You have visibility at every stage of the implementation process.

Your idea

In the first stage, you approach us and present your concept. We are delighted to listen to all ideas and suggest the best solutions based on our extensive experience, so that you can be proud of your printed wall.

Visualization of the project

We create a project model according to the agreements made during the first stage. This allows you to see what the final project will look like and ensures that your vision has been perfectly translated into a visualized design.


We arrange a convenient date for the arrival and printing of the project on your wall. On-site, we assess the printing possibilities and address any questions you may have. Now, all that remains is to carry out our work.

Your opinion

After the completion of the implementation, we will ask for your feedback. Your opinion is important to us. Thanks to you, we can continue to grow and, on the next occasion, print another project. Additionally... Perhaps someone from your circle also needs our help?

Your opinion

Leave a review so that we can strive to improve.

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